Breakfast menu


Benedict breakfast 165 Kč
Ardennes ham, spinach, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, brioche,
juice, coffee or tea
Belgique breakfast 195 Kč
marinated salmon, spinach, poached egg, cheese sauce, corn toast,
juice, coffee or tea
Liège breakfast 205 Kč
Belgian waffles with fresh fruits, whipped cream and Callebaut chocolate, 
juice, coffee or tea

Egg dishes

Soft-boiled egg /1 pc/ 35 Kč
Soft-boiled eggs served in a glass /2 pcs/ 95 Kč
with Parmesan, butter, homemade bread
Scrambled eggs /3 pcs/ 95 Kč
with onions, butter, homemade bread
Fried eggs /2 pcs/ 85 Kč
with ham or bacon, butter, homemade bread
Omelette /3 eggs/ 95 Kč
with spinach and Emmental cheese, butter and homemade bread
Grilled sausages /4 pcs/ 95 Kč
with beans, tomato sauce and homemade bread
Prague ham /110 g/ 85 Kč
with pickled gherkins, butter and homemade bread


Toast with cheese 85 Kč
cornbread, ham and tomatoes
Toast with spinach 85 Kč
cornbread, mushrooms and cheese

Sweet breakfast

Croissant /2 pcs/ 75 Kč
with homemade marmalade and butter
Semolina pudding 95 Kč
with butter and cocoa or cinnamon
Cornflakes 95 Kč
with homemade yoghurt and fresh fruits

Daily offer

Bread pudding with cottage cheese and apples
Chocolate muffins
Beetroot cake
Sour cream with chia seeds and fruits
Ricotta or lemon Bundt cake
Apple crumble cake
Ricotta or poppy seed lattice-top cake

Lunch & Dinner


Gratin d’escargots − Snails /6 pcs/ 165 Kč
roasted with herb butter and served with our homemade bread
Terrine de foie gras − Duck foie gras terrine 185 Kč
with fig chutney, cognac and brioche
Filet américain − Beef tartare 175 Kč
with capers and shallots, served with potato chips and bread
Belgian Blue Beef mini burger 155 Kč
with Belgian frites and roasted pepper mayonnaise
Chicons au gratin − Chicory wrapped in ham 165 Kč
baked with béchamel sauce and cheese

Mussels 400g/800g

Mussels in white wine 165 Kč / 295 Kč
shallots, celery, parsley and butter
Moules à la Provençale − Mussels with tomatoes 165 Kč / 295 Kč
garlic, basil, red wine, fresh herbs
Moules Marinières − Mussels Marinières 235 Kč / 395 Kč
shallots, truffles, white wine, fish stock, butter
Mussels in curry 165 Kč / 295 Kč
shallots, chili, coconut milk, cream and parsley

With the mussels we recommend:
Belgian frites with mayonnaise 65 Kč
Herb baguette 35 Kč

Belgian Beer Snacks

Belgian frites 95 Kč
with a variety of cold sauces
Ripe Pont-l’Évêque cheese 105 Kč
whipped with beer and onion, served with our homemade bread
Salmon croquettes 145 Kč
with herb-garlic mayonnaise
Stoemp − Potato purée 165 Kč
with vegetables and sausage
Boulettes à la liégeoise − Meat balls 185 Kč
in sweet-and-sour sauce with Belgian frites
Carbonade flamande − Flemish Beef Stew 195 Kč
made with beer and mustard, served with Belgian frites


Lobster bisque with mussels 95 Kč
Oxtail consommé with sherry and ravioli 95 Kč


Salade liégeoise − Liège-style salad 165 Kč
green beans, potatoes, bacon, eggs, onion, dressing
Salad with marinated calamari 185 Kč
roasted chicory, field salad, fennel, orange dressing
Salad with Bleu des Moines cheese 175 Kč
beetroot, baby spinach, cashews, pear
Salad with chicken thigh confit 195 Kč
mixed greens, poached egg, dried bacon, croutons, honey dressing

Main Dishes

Coq au vin − Cock stewed in red wine 285 Kč
shallots, baby carrots and potato purée au gratin
Chops of suckling pig sous-vide 295 Kč
warm lentil salad, broccoli, apple-ginger chutney
Belgian Blue Beef entrecôte 465 Kč
potato fondant, grilled zucchini and pumpkin, red wine and blackberry sauce
Grilled sea bass fillets 435 Kč
saffron risotto, baked mussels, spiny lobster and chipotle sauce
Slow-roasted corn-fed chicken Suprême 275 Kč
warm marinated vegetables, herb grenaille potatoes prepared en papillote
Grilled portobello mushrooms 225 Kč
poached egg, leaf spinach, hollandaise sauce and cauliflower purée

Side Dishes

Belgian frites 65 Kč
Potato purée 65 Kč
Grilled vegetables 65 Kč
Small vegetable salad 65 Kč
Brussels sprouts 65 Kč
with sautéed bacon


Variations of crème brûlée 105 Kč
vanilla, pistachio, coffee
Chocolate fondant 115 Kč
made with Belgian chocolate, ice cream
Variations of our Belgian waffles 125 Kč
with fresh fruit, chocolate fondue and Kahlúa ice cream